The GFW WEINTEST finds innovate ways

of reaching consumers to help them

navigate the world of wine

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The quality label GFW WEINTEST


The Gesellschaft für Weinbewertung awards the GFW WEINTEST quality label, which is accredited by the Land of Berlin and registered in the Federal Catalogue of Awards and Quality Labels of Germany.


The GFW WEINTEST is available to all wine producers and sellers. They are allowed to submit samples of all alcoholic beverages legally defined in the German wine law.


Samples may be submitted throughout the year. Prompt publication of results after analytical and sensory test.


As a quality label, the GFW WEINTEST compiles comprehensive product information that wine producers and sellers can use to bolster advertising.


Test results  can be published digitally so that  they are available to consumers via mobile at the POS.










The award GFW WEINTEST provides

consumers with transparent information

about the quality of wine available in food stores

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In order to obtain the most objective assessments, a group of professional wine tasters uses blind taste tests in adherence with the international 100-point rating scheme.




The following international evaluation categories apply:


from 82 points                        GUT                  (GOOD - corresponds to an international silver medal)

from 85 points                        SEHR GUT        (VERY GOOD - corresponds to an international gold medal)


The precise quality of a product is assessed based on a combination of points and grade.


Here you get more information about our method of wine evaluation:

Excerpt of the standard GFW WEINTEST

We can make the professional know-how

of wine jurors easily accessible to consumers

More about the publication of our test results

Publication of our test results via tate-of the-art media


After the GFW WEINTEST, the Gesellschaft für Weinbewertung issues an easy-to-understand product description – without all the jargon. The text and the points result is available in the clients log-in-area.


The Gesellschaft für Weinbewertung offers a wide range of information on all tested products in the style of a wine guide.


Test results can be published by request on (Germany’s largest consumer online platform), granting consumers access to information via mobile at the POS. (


The importance of mobile and online marketing continues to grow, which is why digital product information is integral for increasing sales.

The GFW specializes in providing optimal data on wine and develops software specially tailored to wine (tasting app) and data bases.


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